Disappearing notifications

When I get a promotional notification from the Freetrade app, it leads to nowhere. There was a notification for an ISA share, I click on it, get to the log in screen, login, then poof, nothing, just my account. It was the same with the SIPP offer. There is also no trace of the notification in the app either, nor anything in an email, or posted on the community, or on the website. Once that notification is clicked on or dismissed, I can get no further information. Am I missing something?

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Contact Us > Your Conversations > See All
Charlotte’s ISA message will be at the top.

(Even though the ‘conversation’ was one-sided).

I didn’t know to check there, but still, I’ve got no message. Latest message was two weeks ago. That can’t be the design intent surely? If I click on a notification I expect to see something related to it.

Have you closed / reopened app?
Below are my most recent.
Agreed, implementation is not ideal, as they often get inexplicably vaporised when you tap the initial alerts.

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Hey @House

Thanks for flagging this and I’m not sure why you didn’t get the message :thinking:

I’ve resent it to you so when you open your app you should see all the details now.

Let me know if it’s still not appearing for you!

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Thanks for getting back Charlotte. The in app message worked and was what I would expect now. But this was more about the UI than the message itself, the industry standard seems to be the little circles in the top right corner to show there is some notification or message, this is still missing, there is nothing to lead you to the message.
I also think it should be part of a wider marketing exercise to make it known e.g. website, honey email, community etc.

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We are working on the UI and how our marketing messages are pushed out. It’s not something we can fix in the short term though.

In regards to pushing it our to wider channels, this is also happening so you will see it appearing in other places next week.


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