Random free share

Anyone ever received a share and not know where it’s come from?

I got a notification of a free share being issued to me in the next few days only problem is that it’s coming from someone I don’t even know and I’ve never sent a link to.

Sure I’ll take it but it’s a little disconcerting as I thought to get a free share you need to send out a link and while I’ve sent out a few links in the past to specific people they are all accounted for.

There were some other promos, such as moving an ISA, possibly others. Could it be you did one of those things and didn’t realise you’d get a free share?

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Could it have been from the ISA or SIPP promotion? If it was the ISA promotion there was a deadline of 31 January 2022 for it to be completed by.

Hi, thanks for the replies. I did think it may have been a promotional share, but I got the one for my ISA already.

This seems to be an actual referral share, has the persons first name a last name initial. But I don’t know anyone by the name.

Only complain if you don’t get your freeshare :shushing_face:


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