Free shares for ISA top-up

Just had an email:

Hi there !

Add or transfer at least £5,000 into your ISA and get a free share worth between £50 and £1,200
Make the most of your ISA allowance! Not only will your investments be tax-efficient, but you’ll also receive a free share as an additional bonus!
How does it work?
Step 1: Add cash or start an ISA transfer (of cash and/or investments) of at least £5,000 into your Freetrade ISA between 1 September and 31 October 2023.
Step 2: Keep your ISA open. If you make withdrawals or transfers which cause your relevant ISA value to fall before we award the share, your free share value will be impacted. If it falls below £5,000, you will not be awarded a free share.
Step 3: And voilà! We’ll drop a free share of relevant value into your General Investment Account (GIA) usually within 90 days of your qualifying.

What free share can I get?
The value of the free share you receive will depend only on the net amount you put into your ISA (as cash and/or value of investments) between 1 September and 31 October, regardless of the amount you had in your Freetrade ISA, if any, before.

While I welcome that current ISA holders are included in the promotion… what about us poor souls that have already maxed up their ISA contributions for 2023-24 ? At least put a clause like “Full ISA? Then we’ll make GIA eligible!” or something like that.

I almost feel punished :frowning:


I only just opened that isa and I’m 765 pounds off a free share if I knew that I would of added an extra 765 pounds to get a free share my isa is only been open like since last Friday or so.

BTW where are you seeing this email? I can’t see it anywhere

Ive had 1 email and 2 app notifications in the last week or so

Check the bell icon in the investment app

Yeah I just did not got anyrhing? Mmmm

Sub-preference customer I assume :rofl:


I wouldn’t change your plans for £900 for a £50 share tbh.

Well it’s 765 actully to get the 50 pound free share and I was planning in the next week adding a tad more than that amount anyways, but hey ho

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Uh, in my inbox, where emails live :sweat_smile:

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That’s awsome I didn’t get any emails in my inbox where emails live but I have previously so who knows, it’s sorted now anyways :slight_smile:

Very strange offer, put a sum over this in last week of August and now don’t have the available amount left in my isa allowance?

Seems to be pot luck can this not be reviewed Freetrade makes me want to not bother finishing the allowance off with Freetrade, hardly rewarding loyalty.

I put in £16,000 prior to this offer so only have £4k allowance left. I plan to use up the remaining allowance over the next few months so would not qualify for this offer. Yes, its very annoying!

I have £4000 left but only because I topped up a LISA elsewhere…

Didn’t even know that this was a thing. Unfortunately, already used up my allowance- hey hi!
Presumably the free share goes into GIA and not ISA account.

Yes it goes to your gia

Anyone had their free share yet?

Which offer you are referring to?

The one at the top of this post.

Mine will arrive in the next 7 days

Just checked, me too!

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