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I must echo this. Just received an email and a push notification of the same thing. I get enough emails from Freetrade which I can tolerate because I’m an investor, community member and avid customer; however it’s becoming a tad annoying even for me now how much contact there is that’s duplicative/spammy.

Emails alone are sufficient until an opt out of marketing notifications is available:


This pretty much sums up my approach to notifications. I want to know when real people are trying to contact me and when a holy shit moment occurs on an account that is important to me. That’s it. I value my concentration span.

Apps that spam me (where spam is loosely defined as did they really need, I mean REALLY NEED to tell me this by waking up my lock screen) have their notification rights suspended.

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Agreed, I’ve got this same notification way too many times now, it’s getting annoying.

Agreed. Seen it on the community, then push notification, then email.

Just an in app notification will do for most things

IMO push notifications in the OS from the app should be reserved for messages about transactions, money coming in, dividends etc, not for marketing or promotions. I’m considering turning off push notifications on the freetrade app as a result of receiving a few repeats of this message about sharing via a freepass. Don’t make me do it!

It’s fine to use other channels for marketing stuff (email or possibly in app notifications), but notifications on my phone need to be reserved for actions to do with investment, not promotional messages, or I’ll just turn them off (as most users would I imagine). If we let all the apps on our phone send such messages we’d be inundated with marketing all the time so any app that does this to me normally gets notifications killed immediately (making an exception for freetrade for now).


100% agree with this.

Thanks everyone for your feedback, we probably haven’t got the balance of notifications, emails etc. quite right for everyone yet, especially as we did a lot of promotion for the crowdfunding round recently.

We’ll carry on tweaking which channels we use for sending updates and when. This topic will be a useful reference point for that :memo:

We’ll do our best to make sure that the new Freepasses are exciting enough for you to want to receive a push notification when you get one too :wink:


Anybody else get this or is my gmail spam filter acting up (I haven’t touched it)?


Yup… happened to me.

I quite liked seeing the new major stocks notification, useful to know they were immediately available! But yeah it might need some thought about the big picture.

I think it would be good to customise communications generally as different users will have different preferences.

I’m Imagining 2 tick boxes for the below communications, one for email, one for notifications:

  • Dividends
  • Top Ups / Withdrawals
  • Successful/failed basic trades
  • Major New Stocks
  • Marketing / promo’s
  • Blog / Weekend reads (email only)
  • Crowdfunding / Investor comms

The first 3 could be grouped as ‘investment notifications’ for simplicity then expanded if people want to customise within I.e. choosing only dividends.


Unfortunately, all Intercom messages are flagged as ‘dangerous’ by Gmail. It’s unrelated to Freetrade and Gmail’s filters are indeed acting up, in a way.

Our contact from Intercom’s Deliverability team confirmed that Gmail incorrectly marks links in Intercom emails as malicious, and the issue “has been pretty rough all around” for them (and impacts us quite a bit, as Intercom delivers almost all our messages at this point.). They’re working with Google’s Gmail team directly on this. We’re waiting on them to give us a timeline for the fix.

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I agree that’s a good approach, Rob, we’d want to avoid people working through a somewhat big list like this though and make it more playful if we can.

It could be a toggle in the app: ‘How much do you want us to keep in touch?’.

  • I’m an insider! (Everything: crowdfunding, weekend read, major new stocks, transactions.)
  • Keep me posted, but I’m busy
  • Only what I need to know (transactions only)



Seems good, definitely more colourful and keeps it simple!

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