Ability to purchase Freetrade Alpha for Life

I have been investor in round 3 and 5,
can existing freetrade investors in previous rounds have the option to buy freetrade Alpha account for life?
Would the company not be able to grow sustainability in revenue but also in profits?
Any thoughts from company and community?
Hope to hear good news.

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Very interesting idea, Daniel.

A few apps do sell lifetime premium subscription, Headspace comes to mind.

We’ve moved this question to the ideas category, to see how many votes it gets! :rocket::eyes:

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You got my vote :slightly_smiling_face:

I suppose nothing signals a company’s plan to stick around for forever quite like a lifetime plan. Maybe then boosting confidence in the company. It would also certainly make the people on the lifetime very committed to Freetrade.

Although how would you price it?


40 years times 100 pounds minus 50 percent discount equals to 2000 pounds

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Thanks that is interesting. I don’t know if the price point has changed again, but it was lower

Freetrade plans to launch its “Alpha” service — its premium offering — later this year and says it will cost about £7 a month, covering all customers’ costs.

according to the last mention on Alpha’s pricing from the Financial Times: Free trading apps — investment freedom or false economy? article.

So would that become

( 40 x ( Monthly Fee x 10 ) ) / 2


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That’s just my personal view mate. FT is in no way bound to it.

But if the monthly and yearly charge is less then I would go for 50 years



Yeah totally. I was exploring it a bit further. Sorry if I pushed it too far :blush:

Would be happy to support development, do we have a number that we are open to be comfortable?

Great cals but that’s from a point of user, would it be great to have funds with good amount of cash flow internationally and closer to list on LSE with long term stability?

I think there will be a balance, but it’s something only the company will know. Still it’s interesting to speculate :slight_smile:

Any chance we can get a single payment lifetime Alpha ?

Invest 25k or more in the June Crowdcube raise and it’s yours


For what it’s worth, we’re getting more questions about this than I personally expected, which is very interesting. :fire:


Note that AA got burned by selling first-class unlimited ticket for life.


How much were those tickets though?

In the last crowdfunding round you had to put down at least £25k to get lifetime Alpha, which was a massive jump from the original £5k or thereabouts.

Personally I like monthly payments. Sustainable.


$250,000 according to Wikipedia.

That wiki is great. That story about that guy rothstein and how he cost them 21M :joy:

Reminds me a bit of frank abignale who catch me if you can is based on

He certainly got around


This is fascinating as well

Over in Texas, a direct marketing catalog consultant by the name of Jacques Vroom also decided to shell out the $400k for an AAirpass and companion pass.

“I had never bought anything for $400k in my life,” he tells us. “But I took out a loan for 12% for 5 years and did it, because I thought it would give me a competitive advantage for life.”

Over the next 2 decades, Vroom flew an average of 2m miles per year.

He used his pass to catch all of his son’s football games on the East Coast. He popped over to France or London just to have lunch with a friend. When his daughter had a middle school project on South American culture, he took her to Buenos Aires to see a rodeo and flew back the next day.

from The Hustle: The rise and demise of the AAirpass, American Airlines’ $250k lifetime ticket


Oh, thought @xnox was talking about AA as in The Automobile Association :joy:

That makes far more sense now, although ouch at the price, especially as it continued to rise massively (just like lifetime Alpha did lol).

Wikipedia doesn’t mention anything about then getting burned from it, and it must have worked considering that they’re still around to this day.

Edit: just read the article you posted and seems like AA got burned due to 3 customers abusing the system by finding loopholes in the poorly written contract.