Access in Channel Islands


My name is Lianne and I live in Guernsey. Whilst I have just invested in Freetrade through your crowdcube round, I am really keen to use the app itself to make some investments.

However, unfortunately the app is not accessible from the Channel Islands at the moment. I have spoken with Adam about this and he is not sure what the barrier is here, but has suggested that Dan might be able to shed some light for me with his compliance hat on?

I hope you can help… :smiley:

Thank you!

I know with banking the UK bank license doesn’t cover the Channel Islands as they are crown dependencies


You can always use a VPN to change your location hopefully allowing you to download the app?

You could do that but please bear in mind that only U.K. residents can register for Freetrade at the moment.

Thanks for the comments all. Tbh I wouldn’t have a clue how to do that, but I’d prefer to do it legitimately anyway - Alex perhaps you could ask Dan for his thoughts?

Hi Lianne, unfortunately Guernsey has a separate regulatory regime to the UK, which means that FCA-regulated firms like us cannot automatically provide services there. This, together with some difference in tax treatment of dividends, are the main reasons why we cannot offer accounts to Guernsey residents right now. We do have expansion here in our plans, however.


Hi Dan, thanks for the explanation! Do you have an idea on timeline for this expansion? It would be good to know how long we’re looking at?

Hi Lianne, we don’t have a timeline for this right now i’m afraid, but we’ll put any updates on the community forum.

Hi, any update on this? I had to open up an account with a Freetrade competitor and as an investor in Freetrade it feels wrong supporting the competition!