Access to CEF's

Hello FREETRADE. I’m looking to invest in some Closed End Funds. So far all the ones I’ve looked at are not listed with yourselves.
Is this something you could look at please?

Which stocks, for example?

IT’s , for example, are closed ended and Freetrade list quite a few.

Whilst “Closed Ended Fund” is perfectly accepted phraseology and technically correct it’s often more used, for example, in the US. Over this side of The Pond we’d usually just say “Investment Trust”.

In the case you want UK CEFs - you’ll likely get them. In the case you want US CEFs - you might not due to accessibility via the 3rd party provider and other dull regulatory issues. So best you make clear with stocks you’re interested in.


Thank you Finki. Appreciate that.

Yes the five I recently looked for are all listed on the NYSE.

By magic* I deduce that BIT, UTF and EOI would be possible via FT and FAX and AWP would probably not.

.* not magic… I just reverse engineer a few DriveWealth clients’ exposed APIs. Since FT would likely route your order via DriveWealth then they pressumably have to work within the confines of the DriveWealth available universe.