Accumulation FUND

(ashik) #1

I still dont get how accumulation funds work >>>
like will my fund get more shares on its dividend date ? or nothing will happen?


Accumulation funds give the investor their higher return in the form of higher prices, ie the value of the shares in the fund go up more than they would have otherwise. Compare the INC(ome) version of a fund to the ACC(umulation) version of the same fund: the INC one will have a lower price because the return has left the fund as a cash payment to the investor.

(I don’t know if that makes any sense.)

Though I’m not sure that Freetrade has any ACC funds. So on Freetrade, ETFs pay dividends out in cash that arrives in your account, and you either withdraw it or invest it in something.


This is correct. The dividends for an accumulating fund are rolled into the fund increasing the value of everyone’s holding.


that was a better explanation!