"Add money" workflows in app

I just downloaded the Moneybox application (they are crowdfunding this week and I wanted to have a look). The workflow for new customers is really quite good. Do you want to set up a regular payment into Moneybox, do you want to round up purchases into Moneybox, do you want to do a monthly boost into moneybox? I’ve just set up a weekly amount, a monthly boost amount and a roundup to see how it works and it just struck me as a good workflow for getting regular amounts into Freetrade. I know this sort of thing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but a launch button if you click on “set up regular payments” with these sorts of options would work for some people.

I’m with Monzo and all i want is for my roundups each month to be transferred to my Freetrade account. Is that so much to ask :wink:

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