Add shares from other markets such as DAX

Why not explore more options to add popular shares from other markets. I was thinking that the DAX market looks very interesting and companies such as Siemens or BMW could be a smart investment (Just giving examples here).


Just stick to the US and UK, ideally the US (when sterling recovers), companies in the rest of the world hardly earn the return on equity US companies do.

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I’m pretty excited about the idea of investing in certain Chinese companies personally. A lot of the marijuana related stocks, which are a popular request, are on Canadian exchanges too.


I partly agree with @alexuss as the US market especially is huge and very liquid. So I do get your point and I would hold mainly 90% US and UK stocks.

However, I am originally from Germany and I do follow the German DAX. and recently when BMW and Mercedes announced a cooperation on ‘robotic-driving’ I thought why not get some of those in our freetrade account. Maybe it can also be used as a diversification options. Also for the long run you never know how markets develop.

I think to have more options is always good :smile:


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I would really like to see a lot more diversity in the stocks offered in the app. I would very much like to see stocks from National Stock Exchange of India, Deutsche Börse, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Korea Exchange and Tadawul.


I think the issue here is CREST and clearing for stocks, but someone from Freetrade would know. It’s pretty hard to access markets internationally in general, that is why a lot of stocks are listed as ADRs. It gives an investor access to a non US international stock by just having access to the US market.

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I won’t go into the technical details right now but we are getting ourselves set up to be able to offer European stocks, as part of our preparations for European expansion.