Adverts on forums


What you guys are doing is fantastic and i know that you need money to run on!

I for one, would not be against placing 1-2 adverts on the forum pages, this could be a great way of getting a bit of extra revenue in.

Subtle adverts, not in your face fill the whole page kinds!

I use a provider who would love to have you on board, message me if this is something you would consider.

You mean this community forum? If so then I’m not sure there is a large enough user base

Adverts in the app I wouldn’t be totally against especially if it mean Freetrade can keep it, well free.

Yes these forums.

Not sure I would like in app adverts but would pay a small yearly fee to be add free.

Both app and forum adverts have the chance of making Freetrade look tacky.

However, I think they will need a way to monetise the users who will never pay any fees.


Yes, adverts in the app would look unprofessional. I am just talking about 1-2 adverts on the main community page. Might make a few hundred quid a month.

If ever you wanted to pick something to make me stay away from this forum, it would be adverts. If it had started with them from the outset, then fair enough (tbh I might have used the forum but with an adblocker), but to add them where there are none? HARD NOPE.


A hard nope? If you can’t achieve your hard nope would you be willing to extend the nope until later his year, say Halloween time?

A soft nope might be better, though getting everyone to agree to it might be problematic.


who would they get to advertise? Can’t be a publicly traded company or would look like promotion