Airlines & Travel Companies

With things starting to look up for world travel, now would be a great time to look into the possibility of adding airlines and providers! We already have £SGC Stagecoach, £NEX National Express, $BOE Boeing and $LUV Southwest Airlines, below are a selection of companies that wouldn’t go amiss!

£EZJ easyJet PLC
£RYA Ryanair Holdings PLC
£IAG International Consolidated Airlines Group SA
£WIZZ Wizz Air Holdings PLC
£FGP FirstGroup plc

$DAL Delta Airlines Inc.
$AAL American Airlines Group Inc
$UAL United Airlines Holdings Inc
$HA Hawaiian Holdings, Inc.

€AIR Airbus SE (Well, given you guys don’t provide a European service, this is probably unlikely)

I’m certain there are several others too that could find their way onto the Freetrade network.

I strongly agree with this. Airlines are just a common sense asset to have at this time! After all, the old adage goes, “Buy LOW, Sell HIGH.”