Airlines & Travel Companies

With things starting to look up for world travel, now would be a great time to look into the possibility of adding airlines and providers! We already have £SGC Stagecoach, £NEX National Express, $BOE Boeing and $LUV Southwest Airlines, below are a selection of companies that wouldn’t go amiss!

£EZJ easyJet PLC
£RYA Ryanair Holdings PLC
£IAG International Consolidated Airlines Group SA
£WIZZ Wizz Air Holdings PLC
£FGP FirstGroup plc

$DAL Delta Airlines Inc.
$AAL American Airlines Group Inc
$UAL United Airlines Holdings Inc
$HA Hawaiian Holdings, Inc.

€AIR Airbus SE (Well, given you guys don’t provide a European service, this is probably unlikely)

I’m certain there are several others too that could find their way onto the Freetrade network.

I strongly agree with this. Airlines are just a common sense asset to have at this time! After all, the old adage goes, “Buy LOW, Sell HIGH.”

New ETF listed on LSE Airlines, Hotels and Cruise Lines UCITS ETF - TRIP. lots of the above holdings are in it

Hi Michael, please send requests for stocks individually going forward. This allows the team to track and work through the requests while gauging demand for a chosen stock.

There is also an additional layer of complexity due to something called ‘nationality declaration’ which usually applies to travel/airline stocks that we’re working on.

I’ll close this thread now.