AJ Bell - AJB 🏢

AJ Bell PLC, through its subsidiaries, operates retail investment platforms in the United Kingdom.

This stock looks promising, lots of press, lots of potential future growth and reasonable value, voters need to look into it

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:freetrade: could have poached more.

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AJ Bell is updating their fees from January 2021

Quite a big jump in Annual shares custody charge (including investment trusts, ETFs, gilts and bonds) from a maximum of £7.50 per quarter to a maximum of £3.50 per month. That’s a 40% jump from £30 per year to £42 per year…

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I’m seriously impressed with AJ Bell. They’ve managed to find another way to make me, a LISA customer, like them even less. I didn’t think it was possible. Well done to the whole team there.

I sent them a customer service message on Thursday at 12:00pm to try and talk about my options regarding the non-ISA compatible shares that they let me put in an an ISA and are now forcing me to sell (remember, £9.99 to buy them, £9.99 to sell them and then £9.99 for every buy I make with those funds)… it’s now Tuesday 13:30 and I’ve still not heard a thing.

They are terrible but at least they’re managing to make Freetrade look even better value.


They’re also putting up both ISA and SIPP fees - previously £7.50 per quarter for ISA, £25 per quarter for SIPP, now £3.50 per month for ISA and £10 per month for SIPP).

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Ha ha ha. Please, please, stop… I can only take so much…

Also how have you and @Saf heard about this? I’ve not had any emails/letters from them yet. The tragic thing is, that when I researched opening a LISA about 6 months ago it was AJ Bell that seemed to be the best. I don’t even know if there’s anyone better to transfer to at the moment and I assume AJ Bell will hit me with a load of fees for doing that as well.

Compared to Freetrade, AJ Bell are the Ryanair of savings with fees all over the place and lousy service. Actually at least Ryanair are cheap… AJ Bell can’t even manage that.

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They emailed me at 12…something. Mad they let you buy shares in an ISA, and now are expecting you to foot the bill, the least they could do is give you a few commission free trade credits. :man_facepalming:

I received an email from them yesterday with the title “We’re updating our charges from 1 January 2021”.

I do recall AJBell were the best for LISAs at one point but perhaps they’ve just been overtaken by the competition now.

Unfortunately, I have too many holdings with AJBell so it would be too expensive for me to sell and transfer, even if they reduce their fee from £25 per holding to £9.95

I ended up going for a cash LISA as all the other options seemed poor. But I’m using it for a deposit and not retirement :man_shrugging: I just top it up once a year.

Seems like very few if any of the very few S&S LISA providers allow transfers either :confused:

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Ah the email just came through - such is the nature of sending out bulk emails. And yes, I can’t believe they’ve not made any sort of conciliatory gesture. Their email was pretty much “Soz, you have to sell” with no mention of timescales or free trades to apologise.

Unfortunately, I have too many holdings with AJBell so it would be too expensive for me to sell and transfer, even if they reduce their fee from £25 per holding to £9.95

@weenie Is it worth a complaint to them and to the FCA? It doesn’t feel right that they’re able to trap people with a web of fees and then keep jacking the fees up as well.

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I’m annoyed but my feelings aren’t so strong that I would complain, since it was my choice to buy so many different holdings. My feelings I guess are buffered by the fact that I invested in their IPO and their shares are at 160%, which more than covers any of their fee increases :slight_smile:

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AJ Bell on top form today

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Given that they’re substantially cheaper, you just can’t expect them to be as good as Freetrade. You get what you pay for.

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Buy the dips? :joy:

Poor bastards…

But this also means that there’s a hole in FreeTrade’s marketing and advertising initiatives, places where people are finding out about AJ Hell but not learning of FreeTrade!

Unless they’re kinky people really into sado-masochism and they want a terrible trading platform with ghastly fees for ‘reasons’ ?