All Weather Portfolio using FreeTrade

Hello guys,

I hope everyone got some nice picks in March despite reason was that horrible virus. I have a question how one can create the famous Ray Dalio portfolio using Freetrade? As it’s very heavy on bonds I can’t seems to find those ETFs that can match the portfolio. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you and be safe

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I’d be intrigued to know this as well!

You can’t. Freetrade does not offer long-term US government debt (and what they do offer is unhedged so does not match the portfolio design). There are no commodity ETFs and the gold offered us again unhedged so not possible there. MSCI World does replicate the equities part.

Thank you. Is there any plans for Freetrade to include those vehicles needed for this portfolio or it’s unknown?

Unknown I’m afraid. In the original media release Freetrade said that the batch of 250 US stocks would contain ETFs. That wording was then amended recently to just ‘stocks’. No idea if/when more ETFs will arrive.

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