Ray Dalio all weather portfolio ETFs

I set up another page for people to vote on three specific Aggregate Bond ETFs. We already have a Clean Energy ETF so until ESG ratings develop further I think we have that covered.

The UK, Europe, the US, China, Japan, Hong, Kong, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand are already well covered by ETFs on Freetrade.

It would be awesome if ETFs would be brought on to cover Russia, India, Brazil, Africa (I know it is a continent but I feel the Africa 50 would do a good enough job for now) and Mexico.

I think a few people on Freetrade have also read about Ray Dalio’s all weather index. We already have the ‘Vanguard All Share Market ETF’ and a gold ETF.

All that is missing is a longer dated global bond ETF (20 years +) and a specific medium global bond ETF (5 years +) as well as a commodity ETF (ICOM).

I feel like these would really begin to open up the investing world beyond the US, the UK and parts of Asia.


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