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BIG DISH is a small cap stock with a good business idea

I’ve heard the company talked about recently. Seems interesting

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Really interesting business and investor story for me personally. The company has really turned corner recently having been completely mismanaged with a performance that was bordering on ridiculous previously. A new CEO with great experience is now in place with a new team and different approach - won’t go into the detail here - and it looks like they have a chance to progress the business which is underpinned by a good idea and what I hear is pretty decent tech.

I have held for about 8 months from two positions first at about 2p then again at about 1.6p (average approx 1.83p ish). I watch this dip as low as about 1.1 or 1.2p. This was the first time since I started investing I had that real sense of imminent danger of losing an entire position if I didn’t sell at that point. I held on mainly because I think I had over thought it into paralysis and couldn’t work out what the best thing to do was… so I just left it…The new team has really started to show progress the share price is now approx 3.3p. My position is now +68.63%.

There is still along way to go and there are going to be some big decisions that needs to made later in the year. But for now this is had turned from grim to very interesting. DYOR.

EDIT: I would love to hear other’s thoughts on BigDish!

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Lots of good news for BigDish, new restaurants acquired. I have seen a bit of chatter about the company burning through cash, have you heard about this?

Big Dish is a new competitor to taste card / TasteLondon which was brought for 250mil, Big dish market cap at 11mil currently, lots of room for growth. Very early to invest though as hasn’t established itself yet. It will need to grow fast. The longer it takes to get restaurants signed up the more time the users have to get bored and switch off from it. You only have to fail to find the restaurant you want on the app a couple of times before you give up. Having said that I work in the catering industry and getting people in the doors of restaurants on slow days is always a must so they will want Big Dish to succeed. For me it seems a long play but might just be worth putting a small amount into.

Any chance of Big Dish ?