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When most of the growth stocks are below their 2020 covid low, Amazon hasnt even touched it. Not sure its bottom yet.


In theory and i emphasise in theory it should fall further as US bonds rise a product of the federal bank raising interest rates. On the otherhand that could already be in the price.
Personally i think the price is based on another 1% rise. IE the market doesn’t look as forward as a 2% rise.
There is of course other things to take into account generally referred to as profits!!
Anyway a wild guess $80

A week later and still at $90 … good sign.
Bottom ?
I think maybe. I brought more :heart_eyes:

don’t do what I do, follow your own plan

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I maybe right $86 another $6 and i will be. Apologies @BlueSonic if i am.

This could go even lower until it bottoms.

I’m working on it ok! Earlier today I announced this…

The markets reacted and Amazon went down a couple more percent after I moved more cash from selling HydrogenOne into it. You guys are going to have to start lending me money if you want me to invest more and drive it down even further. I can’t keep working and using my special skills for free!


That statement was for @CashCow

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Amazon $100. Growth back in play?

Terry Smith:- i wont invest in Amazon and why he changed his mind.


Not going very well for them so far.

But I’d agree, long term it is the AWS show.

AWS;- Amazon Web services?

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As it happens, I topped up my Amazon holding today

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Today’s finish nearly half the year high and not massively of the year low.
I assume you think the fall in growth has bottomed out?
Hargreaves Lansdowne has Amazon on a P/E ratio of 50.6 for the year ending 31/12/2021.
So at very rough guess it’s on a P/E of 25 now.
Not as ludicrous as 50. Could be described as reasonable.

Impossible to say whether it has bottomed out. But it is priced the same as it was pre-covid and I think it is better place now than it was then.

AWS is ever increasing. The challenges on the retail side will flush through. And with a 2-3 year lens on forecast profits it is looking reasonably priced again. Longer term there is huge growth for Amazon and Alphabet imo.


You aren’t taking into consideration the earnings of this year, the P/E is currently in the 80’s.

My comparison is with last years (Financial year ending 31/12/2021) P/E ratio which Hargreaves Lansdown has as 50 and as the share price has fallen 50% it is reasonable to assume the present PE ratio IS 25.
This year P/E ratio will be based on year end 31/12/2022. So i cannot take into account the earnings of this year as it hasn’t ended.
For it to be 80 profits would have to fall.

They have fallen. AWS is up but Retail is down.

Depending on which line you look at they may end up negative, a lot of that is due to a paper loss on Rivian though.

Which they have, their EPS has reduced massively over the last few quarters.

You really do need to be careful with the information that you are sharing on here as a lot of it is not correct and misleading.


Not sure what you mean, I just don’t agree with misinformation being written on a public forum when a number of new investors may be reading it.

You don’t need to wait till the end of the year to understand what the companies P/E is, claiming it is ‘reasonable’ to assume the P/E is 25 for this year is just not factually correct.

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This stock is really difficult for the market to price so expecting big swings on AMZN after job losses increase in 2023.

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