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How many stocks do you have that are going in this rocket and to the moon? Haha

I think I got put off by this stock when I bought some before and it stayed in the red for 3 years so bassicly my full time investing so when I sold my gia while amazon was in the red I didn’t bother buying back.

Maybe it’s because I bought in on the high nite in 2021 when I started investing but yeah.

they are all going to the moon :star_struck:… some may get there sooner than others, some are like the space x rocket and have lost communication and will turn up eventually


38 stocks crikey :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Would he be following the Warren Buffett moves? :thinking:

Like the chart whats it from?

It’s from tradingview

My $147 target hit. Took all yummy profits :money_mouth_face:
What a time to be alive


I have 49.

30-50 is about right for strong diversification.

Edit: 50% of the £ value is in the top 30% of stocks.

30 -50 :astonished:

Im more in the 10-15 camp.

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Out of interest, what is your 10-15?

Well 10-15 is my idea of a diversified portfolio.

I currently have 9 . I only started in February and I’m building positions.

Also, as I only started this year…Do Not listen to me!!! :rofl:

This is how I look this far

PS…I’m well over 10% up and every position is currently green. ( beginners luck I guess)


I’d also like to add…

My portfolio is still small.

And I’m sorry for being off topic, but I was asked :rofl:

And no, I dont think I’m knowledgeable or good at this, just sharing my thoughts on what I have learned so far…

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Fair enough. At least it isn’t all in the same industry. Personally I’d be nervous having 22% in a single tech company, and over 50% in various financial services. But we all have different goals and risk appetites.

For what it is worth, not advice/do your own research, healthcare/semiconductors/consumer staples are sectors I’d look at if I didnt have any.

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Every book I have read has always said 20 max or less, unless you’re constantly reading and checking all of those single stocks most are just going with the flow and buying

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I agree I need to diversify more… I am building a portfolio I only started this year.

Like I say, I’ll probably stretch it out to 10-15 stocks in time, and will add more weight to EFTs as I go.

Interesting to see opinions on the subjective issue of diversification.

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30 is the number I’ve seen quoted most often.

For the most part I’m trying to stick to the mantra of not buying anything I wouldn’t hold for 10+ years so in theory, I don’t need to read about them all the time.

I’d say max 50, I have 49 and there are a few I’d consider trimming from that. For smaller holdings it isn’t worth the time as you say.

But within that 49 it allows me to split coverage across for example LRCX/ASML/AMAT where a smaller number would force me to pick one.

I don’t top them all up at the same time either, there are only 16 which are currently being topped up. I review that every couple of months, or if there is a wild swing in the market.


As you say, it is subjective.

Expert knowledge in a varied 10-15 is probably better than picking 100 with very little knowledge. And then there’s everything in between.

As Kiava says, there’s risk in having too many if you don’t know them well enough.


Across my entire portfolio, I think I’m around the 50 mark. This includes 4-5 which are very small holdings from my early days of investing (not knowing what I was doing), where it’s not worth paying HL’s £11.95 fee to sell so I keep them to remind me of my mistakes! :laughing:

For individual shares, I don’t hold more than 6%.

To keep on topic, I have one share in Amazon :smiley:


The Black Friday sale. You have to buy more. That’s the law


Amazon takes on the mights of MSFT
Let’s go :star_struck: