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Well least India got to moon even if Amc didnt

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From 215 shares to 24 shares. What’s gone on here? What’s with this stock split? How does it work?

I’ve been away from AMC for well over a year now and things aren’t looking great.

They fucked everyone basically mate. Stock slit on ape went into AMC then value is reverting back to AMC state from last month

Looks like it. There’s no value in the stock now.

My 24 shares aren’t worthless, I can’t even sell so I’d rather leave it as it is.

I won’t be purchasing any further shares for AMC. Meh!

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Guess it’s just me continuing to buy and hold then. I must be a rather smooth brained c**t :joy:


when I put on linkedin I was a private investor :joy:


Winners on amc were the hard working promoter’s who tricked people into buying amc to push price up them dumped every share they had.


I don’t know how you do it.


If they can force sell bbbyq stocks what’s to stop them doing it to all meme stocks. And who are they selling them to. the short hedge funds to cover their counterfeit positions. IMO This is shocking


Wondering if to bail out now while i still have have a few pennys left :frowning:

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“Ponzi schemes typically promise very specific returns on investments and/or include falsified records implying consistent and steady returns, whereas pump-and-dump schemes only come with general and/or implied promises of substantial profits.”

AMC is gonna be powering back up there soon it’s just having a little nap for now. I’ll be keeping my shares until we’re back at $500 :smile:

Adjusted for the reverse split, this is now lower than it was before the whole meme stock thing started. Well done to anyone who got out while it was up and made a profit.

Also well done to any “hedgies” who “hodled” onto their shorts though the whole thing :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I feel like the real winners are the debt holders (likely mostly hedge funds). There’s been ~$5bn of what is basically distressed debt yielding >30% throughout this that is continuously bailed out by retail equity investors.


I know I’m feeling shafted if I hadn’t received mis- information from here about shares going to 1.3 for 1 instead of being chopped to a tenth I’d have sold them all instead of losing them all…can’t believe that decision was meant to be in our benefit! Now I can’t even get the sell option to work!


The memes are back :sweat_smile:

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Up 40% pre market. We’re back.

Good lord :sweat_smile:

AMC is the place to be today.

At a bit of resistance, break could see $12 then $20 :face_with_monocle: