American stock purchase

Hello everyone,

Quick question, can someone tell me what costs I’ll be given when buying American stock with free trade. I’m just not understanding the difference from using uk stock.

many thanks


You will be charged a foreign exchange fee based on what type of account you have with Freetrade.

It will be a percentage of your total trade, a link to fees and more detail is below:


Thank you Matty.

Carry out a mock purchase it should show you your fees before purchase. I know it does on T212, presume it does on Freetrade.

No it shows you final price fees after completion.

You could however make a small purchase as a tester.

Thank you for you info. Yes it works out quite expensive if it’s not a long term investment.

I do agree with you, personally I only ever do uk shares on Freetrade as the extra currency conversion fee is fairly high, there are a few out there these days where you can trade US stocks with better conversion fees and a good platform and service hence why I won’t use Freetrade for US stocks

I do feel it’s a shame that there fee is so much higher especially for people like me that pay for the ISA account every month