Freetrade vs Interactive Investor?

Is freetrade still a good option for trading with US stocks? Especially if you are going to buy a number of US stocks over the next few months?
The 0.45% conversion few at every time I buy could be a deciding factor as other platforms allow you to keep the stock in USD

The other broker in the title charges £5 or £8 per US trade plus a 1.5% margin on FXfor trades smaller than 25K

FT still comes out cheap relative to most brokers that offer ISAs and SIPPs

I think other topics have mentioned eToro and Stake if you’re happy with a GIA


If you are not trading in an ISA/SIPP you might want to consider a broker that deals in dollars only. So you will have to transfer the dollars to the broker. You will be able to keep cash in dollars in these accounts. There are many brokers that do zero cost dollar transactions.

I guess you’ve already seen this but here is how our pricing compares just in case: Pricing


Trigger Warning: The link above contains a page with the AJ Bell logo on it.


That’s a great response but I do wish the " Yes - Fractional shares" was accurate and not just US shares. Pretty sure it should have an asterisk stating that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks! I’ll share your feedback :slight_smile:

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Also don’t forget that in reality the interactive Shares offer includes a ISA and a JISA wrapped in for that price. Additionally the FT free account offer restricts the shares that one can trade in - one has to pay for the Plus offer to get the full universe. The real (cost) difference IMO is related to FX and per trade costs - where FT wins hands down.