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Amundi released a series of ultra-low-cost ETFs that only have a TER of 0.05% and can improve portfolio performance significantly.
This global fund is basically a MSCI World, but tracks a slightly different underlying index.

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This looks great. It’s got my vote!


While I don’t know this ETF especially well, a word of caution for some Amundi funds: if I remember rightly, some are domiciled in countries other than Ireland and Luxembourg, which can have tax implications. Another point worth noting: some Amundi ETFs do not have UK reporting/distributor status which can cause similar problems outside tax shelters.

For the first issue: Their ‘Prime’ series ETFs are all domiciled in Luxembourg.

This would be a good additional for a wider ETF universe.



UK Mid Cap

  • Amundi Prime UK Mid and Small Cap ETF (PRUK) OCF 0.05%

This tracks the cheaper Solactive indices, which is meant to save money on fees.

Yes, exactly. I read they track the cheaper Solactive indices. I have updated my initial post with this information.

He means there is already a vote for this and you are duplicating :+1:

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Oh. wasn’t clear. He wrote about the underlying trackers.

I shall delete this thread.

(/edit: The link only refers to one of the ETFs. I will edit my OP)

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Ideally the GBP/X version and available to non-plus users

@Viktor any update on this? First post was 1 year ago and it’s the main blocker to stop me topping up on FT

It’s LSE

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Thanks for adding :raised_hands:


only available for Plus members. :frowning: oh well at least this was added into FTrade

Rubbish :confused: I specifically asked for it not to be. They think it will gain more paid members but it just means the next £50k of investments will go to another platform instead


Pretty sure they don’t build their business model around your requests :joy: There is a list of which companie ETFs are in the free universe and guess this isn’t.

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Stumbled across this etf today whilst looking for a cheap global large/mid cap offering…The 0.05% looked attractive until I noticed the 3% entry and exit charge!

Are there any alternatives that anyone could share for review pls?

Thanks in advance

Where do you see that? It’s a normal ETF that you can trade without entering and exiting fees on a stock exchange.

Building up a PRIW position with several small transactions, and there is no sign of charges in the contract notes.

But if you are looking for alternatives anyway, I like FWRG by Invesco and VWRG/VWRP by Vanguard.

I thought it was strange, but it is referenced in the Charges section of the KIID:

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