AO World PLC

AO are probably the worst performer in my holding, I am tempted to sell but it would be a significant hit. Can anyone see a reason to hold?

I guess it’s struggling because of supply line issues post COVID, but hopefully that’ll return to normal. I actually averaged down a little when it went to 90p!

I suppose it’s only upside from here - so we either take a hit and hope we make up the loss (quickly) elsewhere or we let it run a bit to the next trading update.

I’ve only in for a small amount so will just leave it I think and try and ignore the red -% ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi @JohnTucker

Welcome to the community :ocean: shame it’s not for celebrating a win rather than commiserating on a loser.

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My thoughts when I bought my first parcel, centred around the opportunities that lockdown could bring for the company. I hadn’t envisaged the delivery driver problems.

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