Your worst performing stock?

This is mine! Was an impulse buy a couple of years ago and I everyday it seems to hit a new low.

Curious to see others, drop a pic below & the reason you purchased it :point_down:t4:


I was all green positions as of yesterday

LGEN has slipped…so its my worst at - 0.18% :rofl:

Just been lucky lately.


Roku is my worst. At one point it was my best.

Bought it because I really liked the product, and the growth into profit trajectory was going really well.

But they had supply chain issues, started chasing revenue while spunking cash on sales and marketing. And it all went to pot. Combine that with the 2021 bubble bursting and it wasn’t pretty.

I had a gut feel it was coming, but didnt have the experience I have now to back that instinct by selling around Nov 21.

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Mine are Editas at -75% and Lucid at -73%

Lucid I got from a SPAC, it was one of the few I held onto

Editas was one of a few Gene editing companies I bought. the others aren’t down as much, but I think the appetite for risky growth companies has waned and has hurt all of these

I’m still up overall, as my biggest positions are in more stable large companies. These risky bets were pretty small compared to my portfolio as a whole, both are less than 1% of the portfolio

Edit: I should add Evraz to the list, although it’s not “down” as much according to the value in my portfolio, effectively it’s worth nothing at the moment


Percentage wise, my biggest loser is Arrival.

In monetary terms, my biggest loser is Amazon.

Two different views though. I don’t expect to get my money back with Arrival, but I am quite confident that i will receive my money with Amazon, even get a great return.

I kept Arrival in my portfolio, as a reminder. It teached me a lesson that I don’t want to forget.


Bought a few years back for its high yield and amid booming property prospects.

Still paying a dividend so not entirely a complete disaster. I’m sure property will bounce back at some point, although I think it’s got further to drop first.


AFC, down about 50% - the only small cap I’ve invested in. I can be patient though! Either to zero or positive.

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SMT is, by far, my worst performer at -15%. That said, I bought it because of its long-term focus, knowing short-term volatility was a risk, so I’m sticking to my guns and buying more.

One I sold for a fairly hefty loss of about 10% was RCP. I bought it to provide some ballast – not realising quite how much riskier it is compared to the other ‘wealth preservation’ trusts.

I’m also circa 5% in the red on HVPE, a private equity fund. I’m having doubts – part of me wishes I picked III instead. But it’s a relatively recent buy at a wide discount, so I’ll give it a few years to come good.

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Percentage-wise, Mast Energy down 90%. Value-wise probably Direct Line group down 40%.
Still no match for some of my big losers of yesteryear such as Telewest, Marconi and Tanfield Group.

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Where to start

Helium One - down £900, 47%.
Plug Power - down £350, 81%
NIO, down £315, 80%.


I had NIO as well - Sold at 35% I think


Aurora for me, down 83%. But up 8% today! Every cloud…


Oh yes, I’m down on NIO too. £850 ish

Glad to see I’m not alone. :sweat_smile:


Mine is

Vodafone down £2000 23%
FinnCap down 44%

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Some of the numbers on here making me feel slightly better about my poor performers!

Mine is Bradda Head Lithium, down 48%

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It would have been arrival but sold ages ago

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The wonderful Boohoo at 89 percent down.

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3M - down 32%

litigation risk hanging over it. Still see it as a long term holding but good chance it goes lower.


Novavax - down 96%

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ASOS down 92%. Can’t complain though as it was a free share!