Your best performers?

Let’s say over one and five years.

Mine are FEV and JAM – investment trusts focused on continental Europe and the US – which are up about 20% and 70% respectively.

5y - Tesla

Tesla bought them when they were near bankruptcy
NVIDIA bought them probably at the same time
Both of them are 10 baggers. Don’t be impressed, I have also lost plenty. Check the worst investment thread :sob:


This years stockmarket!
The downward blip is freetrades giving me a one for one share split instead of 5 for 1.
Sorted… eventually.
ISA only (12 investments )
Not as good for general account. But still beating the index

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That’s great going, which have been the main contributors?

I’m at about 8% over one year which I’m relatively pleased with given the index is nearer 5%.

I don’t track short-term performance too closely as I’m a long-term investor but I do like to compare it to a benchmark now and then.

If you’re not beating VWRL relatively consistently, you should probably stop trying to!

Recently sold YU at 90% up at its best. Although I had taken some profits in 60% plus range.

Probably still has legs but I wasnt overly confident any more.

Carrols group up 223% owns burgerking popeyes
Melco resorts bought in before china lockdown opened… 124%
Studio city resort casino owned by melco 220%

Been investing 2 years these were the first ones i researched and thought about… instead of getting lost in the noise and confusion of analysts and their bs.
When an analysts reccomends a stock run, when an analyst has negative news…run
Alot of small loses, but some big gainers. Just cleaning up the the 100s of stocks i bought each with 3gps…to watch n learn

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PREM, still 412% up even with the drop and this is a gamble play too.

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3i I suppose it’s nearly 50% of my ISA.

Every now and again HGT puts an effort in…and then reverses! But been up for a while now.

Mercadolibre is.up 15%.

Mainly stuff I have now sold that pushed my average up.

Bought some literacy capital in my sipp (Hargreaves Lansdown)

The other private equity have minimal gain. NB gone to a loss at the moment.

But I expect them to be winners.

SOHO was up 15% using money from the sale of Civitas and all dividends going into them. Annoyingly have a dividend which has yet to be applied from 1st September.
But luckily only up 3% at the moment…I am still buying!!

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CNA. Average is at 36p, current price is 164p. Sold half on the way up to bring the average down to what it is.