App Store Fees

I am not fully clear on the App Stores fees, but I know if you take a subscription out on an App downloaded from the App Store, the developer has to pay something like 30% to Apple for the first year and then 15% thereafter. Would this be the case for subscription type products Freetrade intends to release like Alpha and Isas?

It is only for in-app subscriptions that can be viewed on the Apple Store page. I may be wrong, but I believe Freetrade ISA/Alpha subscriptions will be outside of the App Store’s scope.

Imagine buying a £1m house on the Rightmove app if the 30% levy was applicable :rofl:


Haha yes that’s true.
But was more thinking as Freetrade operates a freemium subscription service, would premium subscriptions be liable for this fee - like how Spotify is

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Maybe @Freetrade_Team1 could clarify :slight_smile: