Charging for ISA despite Alpha for life?

I’ve got free Alpha for life but just got a message saying I’ll be charged for my ISA from 1 Dec. Why?


Alpha and ISA are two different things.

But the ISA is part of the Alpha package.

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That’s news to me. I wasn’t aware that they had announced anything for Alpha aside from free instant trades for now, and that the ISA and Alpha were two separate things.

In that case it could just have been easier for them to send out a mass message to everyone about the charge rather than having to single Alpha members out.

To be fair it has been on the pricing page for a while with nothing next to it…

Haha fair enough. I’ve not looked at the pricing page as I don’t need to already knowing the current pricing structure :joy:

Although as you say it doesn’t include pricing info, so could just be that Alpha gets ISA at a discounted rate?

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This is from the last round (though I earned my free Alpha for life in round 3)

If you have Alpha, your ISA is free. You won’t be charged in December and your ISA will continue working as normal. :money_with_wings:

Thanks for pointing this out. Sorry for the confusion!


Thank you @jimmythompson for the clarification.


I have only just started using freetrade yday morning; then got that email yday night.

I really need some explanation and clarification on what Alpha is and how i get this.


As @jimmythompson mentioned above, you have free ISA as part of Alpha for life. We apologise for the message sent in error.


Thanks, Viktor

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Will the ISA subscription cost be included in a normal Alpha subscription? Or is that a perk only applicable to those with Lifetime Alpha?

Doesn’t look like anyone has replied to you yet, so in case you’re still unsure: Alpha will be Freetrade’s subscription service which will provide benefits such as free instant trades. All the finer details haven’t been confirmed yet so we still don’t know about pricing etc. yet.

People who invested certain amounts in the crowdfunding rounds earned free Alpha for life (the requirements increased with later rounds), and some us will get 3 months of Alpha for free for having invested lower amounts.

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Yes it will :slight_smile: