Free ISA for life? Saying until end 2019

I opened the ISA before the deadline, which I think was September, is my ISA free for life. It’s saying on the pricing for new customers that free until end 2019 ?

Where have you seen free ISA for life?!

That’s what I’m asking as it’s currently free for me, but pricing says free until end 2019 for new customers. Will it become £3 for existing, I joined before deadline before

It’s currently free for you, and everyone else. At some point (early 2020?) everyone gets charged 3/month. I don’t think there was ever a “free for life” plan.

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As far as I’m aware, anyone with an existing :freetrade: ISA will still have to pay £3 a month once they start implementing the fee.

We plan to start charging £3 a month for ISAs later this year. This includes everybody who currently has an ISA.

We’ll be rolling out some updates very soon, which will let you add a payment method (debit/credit card for now) for your subscription payments. These will be separate from your balance and your deposits.

Also, if you feel the ISA isn’t worth the fee, you’ll be able to close your ISA from within the app.

The basic account, as always, will be free to use.

Plenty more info to come, keep your eyes peeled! :eyes:


give me basic order as default and a night mode skin. A nice 1 days work for 2 features