ISA Fees 2019-2020


Apologies if this is a duplicate - but I cannot find the answer.

Is there any news on how the ISA fees will be charged to existing customers?

Will it be monthly, annually or both?
Will it be charged to the account balance (if funds are available) if so what if funds aren’t available and you’ve opted into monthly?
Is it a payment from your bank?


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Hey :slight_smile:

Freetrade ISAs are free until at least July. We’ll share more details about how the pricing & payment will work then.


The gift that keeps on giving!

Thanks for the info dude :smile:

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So, with tomorrow being the start of July should we expect to start having the ISA fee deducted from our accounts? Or has it been pushed back again? :smiley:

Ideally I’d like to pay the fee from cash held within my General Investment Account, or by Direct Debit. That way it won’t impact my ISA subscription limits to make my accounting/tracking easier.

Some info on when fees will be taken would also be good (i.e first of the month, last of the month, anniversary of account opening etc.)



If anyone is still wondering, I asked on the app and was told we’d hear the details later this month.