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This is a technology company building some of the world’s largest indoor farms in the east of the US.

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Does anyone know if this company sells its produce under their brand or some other?and what is the split of revenue contribution? Thanks!

Have you looked at their investor relations?

2020 financial results

I really like this stock and am 28% and think this is a fantastic area to invest in especially with climate issues affecting product yields wildly. I only see the industry going in one direction and in a big way for the medium term.

My question is are there any other stocks in the same field or should I say indoors :joy:

On Freetrade there’s Village Farms and Ocado has invested into vertical farming. Aeroframs is doing a SPAC and could be available in Q2.
2021 Indoor AgriTech landscape: Indoor AgTech Landscape 2021 — Better Food Ventures

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Cheers for that, I guess my next thoughts will be a stock request for the Aerofarms SPAC :joy: