Investing in indoor farming and vertical farms

This follows Ocado setting up two JVs and investing in a UK startup in June.


Very interesting. There’s a great piece in the last issue of WIRED about indoor farming, and how much more water and energy efficient it can be to grow vegetables in purpose built vertical structures.

Worth a read :office: :seedling: :droplet: :tomato:


Good article.

I have always been interested in this concept and good on the stores for jumping at it, the less they spend on importing will hopefully pass savings on to the customer too.

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I love Wired @sampoullain

Also seen a segment somewhere on YouTube about growing :ear_of_rice: in containers :anchor:.

I can’t find the article you mentioned, must be behind a paywall for now.

This is one of the much older Wired articles on the topic after a few seconds of googling:

Next - a protein :bug: :woman_farmer: farm à la Blade Runner 2049 :blush::


Definitely want to get in on the indoor/vertical farming. Saw something a while back about mushrooms and leafy vegetables thriving in that environment… Must have been on BBC Click


Are there any listed companies that are heavily involved with vertical/indoor farming?

As far as I know its only Ocado and Softbank that are to any significant extent.

I’m looking more where the majority of their business is related to it. We’re probably too early in the adoption of it.

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I mean one option is to invest in the lighting specialists, like Philips’ recently divested arm. Other than that you’ll have to wait.

Very interesting to see this thread.

My pixel threw up this article in the news feed:

The main take away is the Dutch are very efficient at indoor agriculture.

Best parts:

In the past year, the RHS has reported a 50 per cent rise in houseplant sales, with an 80 per cent increase in fern sales and 150 per cent rise in sales of the monstera

vast automated greenhouses across Holland (…) the future houseplants are fed and watered by hi-tech machines and heated at programmed intervals, with artificial lighting

Companies mentioned:

  • Double H. Largest houseplant grower in the UK. Based in Hampshire. Images on the site look indoor to me.
  • Cactusland. the UK’s largest cactus nursery. Based in Lincolnshire.
  • Patch. London based houseplant delivery service. I have not heard about it before, but according to my wife, her colleagues love it. Sounds like a dropshipping business to me.

I think people often get very excited by technology like vertical farming, but it is essentially hyper-automated indoor farming of anything that we should be excited about?

I did not find any related public companies yet.


Can indoor farming still carry the Organic certificate as applied to current standards?

+1 to all this, apart from the :bug: farms.

I don’t care how much protein they contain, that ain’t happening!


Let’s see in a couple of years, @sampoullain. :slight_smile:


If you are vegan for animal care reasons or creeped out by bugs, do not read on…

I went with a few friends to Archipelago ( back in March, we got a wide selection of stuff… Crocodile, alpaca (so tasty!), kangaroo (yes it is more springy than beef), Snake carpaccio (which oddly tasted a bit fishy)… We had to also try the bugs… the crickets weren’t done well, they were too gooey and if I ever get a chance to try them cooked a different way, I will. But my favourite were the ants… Crispy and flavoursome
Pictures (open):


Gross crickets

At the end of it, I definitely came away thinking that maybe it is possible to have it as food… People of the future might look back at us now and think we are gross by eating sugary doughnuts. All a matter of perspective


@sampoullain do you like :strawberry: flavoured smoothies :milk_glass:, yoghurts or frappuccinos :coffee:? :innocent:

What about :strawberry: flavoured cake :cake:? :partying_face:

:bug: :strawberry:



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I would wager that most of the non-vegetarians/vegans here eat shrimp, prawn and lobster. I don’t think expanding our diets to other arthropods is that far fetched.

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I was just thinking it would be nice if Patch was crowdfunding and here. we. go.

Anyone fancying it?

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Not for me. Can’t stand this hipster stuff, disrupting £22B of garden centres…

Maybe I’m just sour


If they aren’t offering a deep fried cricket :bug: salad :green_salad: then it’s a :no_good_woman: :no_good_man:. @sampoullain