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How is this not on the app yet :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

This is a serious growth stock on most peoples watchlist (who don’t use FT) - please add this ASAP FT!!!

Ive completed some basic training for Appian and I really liked it. I could see it growing significantly over the next few years!

Appian ticker symbol APPN

This has been one of my best performers lately. I’m now up 150% since it was added to FT in June/July! :star_struck:

  • Subscriptions are up 30-40% year on year
  • They’ve almost hit break-even point
  • No Debt
  • Low market cap leaves lots of room to grow
  • Great tech, easy to use and adaptable

Anyone got any price targets in mind?

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Do you reckon the insider selling is a signal that insiders think the stock price reached a height and may not go higher in a while?

The price to book ratio is high 29.41X, but there are tech companies going much higher than that!


I’m not personally too concerned by a small bit of insider selling. Seems natural after such a rise.

If it continues then that would be a red flag.

100% growth this month is crazy, I’ll keep it on the watchlist and wait for a dip I think :rofl:

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Flying again, day after day!

For me this stock still has a lot of growth in it, but I’m 260% up now and I’m thinking it’s time to take some profits :eyes: