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This company provides different services, including location tracking, that app makers can use to monetise their product.

Anyone got thoughts on this?

Difficult to say, been holding since October company has great prospects, but has had the same blockchain timeline since 2019, it’s now in action.

Financials are garbage, recent presentations have stated they should have balanced sheets and improved EBITDA. But untill they release qtr 4 financials in march I don’t know how much faith I have in them.

Seems to be being pumped a lot, in all fairness I’m 200% up on my position which is great, but I assume come march it will either rocket or slump.

As you said SLUMP. Hope u got out. Only had small stake but 50% down

Got out, got fomo and opened a small position again :man_facepalming: regretted it since, gonna have to wait for it’s next pump. Could be a while

Here’s the pump you were after .:grinning:

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I wasn’t patient enough, crazy action today.

To late for this?

This is now up close to 400% that means it will be in Freetrade top 10 buys next week as Fomo has well and truly kicked in running of the back of DWAC.

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617% up… wowza

edit: make that 800%



The volume is insane! There are only 63 millions shares in the float.

Anyone holding this hahaha

They’re too busy having a cardiac arrest!

I set a stop loss at 17.50 during the long halt. When it resumed it sold my shares at 9.11. lost 260. How does that work.

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Stop loss doesn’t mean Limit. You just give it a price that you want to start selling at when it’s hit. The only buy price seems to have been 9.11

Familiarise yourself with the concepts you’re betting money on :wink:


Very expensive lesson learnt.

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Happened to me as well. Had a stop at 19.05 that didn’t trigger. Ended up having to cancel and wait to sell at reopen… which obviously ended in a loss rather than the 100% gain I had. To say I’m upset is an understatement. FreeTrade just cant seem to perform with volatile stocks and they really should publicly say that to stop people losing money.


It sounds like the issue lies on your side by not fully understanding the instruments rather than the broker?
Or have you checked that there were buys happening at 19.05?


Maybe? As far as I’m aware Freetrade uses market orders on stop losses so it should sell for the best available price once the stop is triggered?