Urgent help

Hi I bought into PHUN on Friday at an average of $8. I was down £200 when the market shut. It Now’s says I’m down £2400 and the price obviously hasn’t dropped.

Can somebody please help

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How many shares did you buy? What does the share price say in the app?

Close price looks wrong even google is quoting prev close as $1.53 after hours looks about $6.62 on nasdaq

What I would say is apparently that Trump dude has been sailing very close to dodgy goings on for most of his life,so I would tread very carefully where he is concerned :flushed::flushed: I hope everything works out ok :+1:


The app gets the pricing information from IEX, which for whatever reason seems to be showing the previous day’s closing price. The close price showing on yahoo of $8.74 would be more correct.

Regardless of what the closing price is, you can’t sell till open on monday, so it’s the price on Monday that matters, not which closing price is correct.

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Covered here —> Phunware Inc 🗺 (PHUN) - Share Chat - #32 by NeilB

After market prices are based on very low numbers because not many people trade after hours but this stock should open around $6.61. You’ll be down about $3.39ea at 2:30GMT Monday.

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I would also like to know what is going on :laughing:
Look forward to hearing from Freetrade soon!

Yeah, same issue, I’m sure it will all be okay having read one of the responses referring to IEX!
Hope to hear back from Freetrade soon !

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