Argo Blockchain (ARB) - Share Chat

I’m personally hoping it dips below £1.50 again so I can load up on more shares. Sit on them and watch them grow in the long term. Holding long term will come good.

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would be nice to hit £2 first so I can take a decent profit (been averaging up got in at just under £1) then move it into my ISA as I agree it’s a good value long term hold!

Bitcoin is currently having one of its best days in months. Hopefully it can make another push to 60k and above soon.

I should have bought more than 30 shares.

It’s a volatile share so got to keep that in mind if you buy more than a few. When I saw the big drop in bitcoin last night I was expecting ARB to drop 10% today. Of course bitcoin recovered strongly overnight so we get that strength in the share price.

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Well my strategy is to drip small sums monthly into ARB and COIN, representing no more than 10% of my portfolio max (probably more like 5%) - so I am expecting it to fluctuate over time to average out nicely.

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I wonder what is driving the bitcoin demand today. It’s bounced back from 46930 to 54160 (current) since the low at 10:30pm last night.

Will be nice to be back over £2 again :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The price of this stock isn’t solely driven by bitcoin mind. Its a catalyst for sure but there’s other things to be mindful of. More to the company than just bitcoin. I think they are due to release their monthly figures on Tuesday next week so there might be a rise then, regardless of what bitcoin does.


From what I’ve read we are due the annual figures this week (last year was April 29th). We usually get the monthly figures on the third working day of the month and with Monday being a bank holiday we’ll get them next Thursday.

Also agree that the price isn’t solely driven by bitcoin, but certainly big moves up or down in bitcoin drive sentiment which is important. The upcoming Pluto IPO may give a boost to the share price as well since we own 25%, and of course the often talked about NASDAQ listing.

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Great results :clap: