Argo Blockchain (ARB) - Share Chat

I bought in at £2.37 and £1.47 to bring my average down. :+1:

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That makes me feel fuzzy I got in @ £1.20ish

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My average is £0.33 however only a few thousand shares. Thinking long term and short term moves mean nothing to me.


That’s one heck of a mark up!

Anyone else getting a final price of 1.56 in ft but 1.73 in other tools?

Yes I’ve seen that too

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Yeah same here :+1:

Ah, it just updated so either FT saw this or there was some kind of delay :slight_smile:

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And it’s gone back down to 1.66…

i still have 1.73 but it did bounce earlier

edit: now its 1.66



We’ll be back up there in a couple of weeks :handshake:

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Then there was the Primary Bid offering at £2, what a steal.


£5 a share next week :beers::muscle::muscle::pray:


What poor timing. The drop in crypto will surely dull the hype of the US listing… And the ride continues :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Not only that but the price will probably drop too with the dilution of shares. So I’m biding my time before I top up. But this is only a brief fall until it takes off.

Does anyone know what will happen to ARB once the IPO drops today?

Is there going to be a seperate ticker in freetrade? Or will the LSE price reflect the NASDAQ price and vice versa?

It’s a dual listing, meaning nothing changes for ARB shareholders.
Means that people can also buy via the NASDAQ (although doubt Freetrade will add ARBK (US listed) on here anytime soon when you can already buy ARB.

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Thought it was similar to another stock I’ve held where it’s listed on LSE, but also an OTC stock in the US, the price can sometimes reflect each other.

For example a few weeks back the US OTC version of it rose up and then the LSE stock followed suit because of it.

Argo are currently on the OTC market as well (ARBFK), and these shares will eventually be converted to ARBK.
They do tend to follow each other since any variance after exchange rates are accounted for are arbitrage opportunities for traders.