At the time price - 46.38USD, sold for 45.93USD... Uhm...?

Can someone explain to me why there is such a huge discrepancy with the prices sold for and the current prices?

The market price was 46.38 and when I completed my sale, it said it sold for 45.93…
Another 70 pounds lost in a single trade from the Freetrade buying / selling.

I don’t know if I can continue using Freetrade if this is going to be a consistent issue.

The price quoted is not live so that may explain the difference. The price quoted is normally about 20 minutes behind where the price actually is.

The price quoted / shown is not the actual price no, but the price at execution should not be delayed with such significant difference.

I don’t know if this answers your question, but there was a blog post about this a while ago:

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Thanks Phil!

I am hoping the prices sold / bought at are a little more in line with current market averages in future.

Well it depends. If you sold today or sometime in the last few days the markets are relatively illiquid so the price can change massively.

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Freetrade don’t add a buy/sell spread so the price you have been given was the actual market price at the time.

Just because they don’t get a cut, doesn’t mean the it was the best price I could have got.

I’m saying there is plenty room for improvement.

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There is only a 1% difference in the stated market price versus the actual execution price. In the 20 minutes between the delayed price becoming the actual price the stock could easily have dropped 1%. Look back on the technical charts later and see what the price was at the time of execution and that will allow you to judge how well Freetrade did. Whilst Freetrade don’t add a buy/sell spread it does not stop the market makers adding a de facto spread.

I did look back and looked at multiple sources.
The price that it sold for was around half an hour ago price. That is plenty time for it to average up more in line with what the market average was.

First of all you need to check the price on Google. Then you should consider the spread.
However you shouldn’t use Freetrade if you want to make money by selling 160 shares up just 0.44£. This is not investing.

I think it is probably down to there being much less volume today because it’s Christmas Eve.


That is my guess too :+1: