At what time do companies release their earnings reports?

As in the title. Tomorrow B&M and Fedex, 2 stocks I won, will release their earnings. at what time are these reports released?

Uk listed stocks are required to release at 7am before market open. Therefore b&m will release then. Look on their website or any RNS.

US rules are different but ‘generally’ release are AFTER market close local time. So late at night in the UK local time.

Thanks. I thought Fedex earniongs were today but it seems to have been pushed back. Anyway, other stocks: I just read the B&M report. I now understand why the stock is tanking: despite good sales, the forecasted dividend for June has been pushed back to August and it has not risen despite the good results. I probably will hold on to them, I am a bit worried about Brexit though but then I cannot imagine tha the UK would really go for a no deal.

Now waiting for the Naked wines report. This week, the share has tanked after a solid month of growth. Wondering why that is.

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