Earnings Calendar

Any ideas outside if Yahoo Finance for the dates of future company earnings releases? More than 1 month in advance?

Try earnings whisper. Only really does US listed companies though.

investing.com – earnings, dividends, financial events.

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I use Stock Events, set your holdings up, you get earnings update dates, plus projected dividend earnings for the year as well as ex and payment days. All for nothing. You are limited to 15 companies, but for every referal via email you get 5 more companies… a few new gmail ànd other share account holdings listed on the new stock event accounts got me to 25.

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I also use stock events and find it really easy to use and track my portfolio, dividends and key events including earnings updates.

All we need is for Freetrade to purchase stock events and add the functionality to the app. Wishful thinking I know :grinning:

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