Keeping track of earnings dates

Now that I have 10+ stocks that I’m invested in, I’m finding it difficult to keep track of when earnings are released for all of these companies.

How does everyone else keep on top of when earnings are?

I’ve noticed that some investor relations sites have an alert service, but not all.


You could use something like Stockopedia set up a portfolio, and i believe you’re able to keep tracks of earnings / dividend dates via a calendar they provide, as well as exporting it to your calendar

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I use Investegate - you can register a free account, and set up alerts for any businesses in which you are interested. You’ll then get an email alert when regulatory announcements are made by the business (and a link to them), such as trading updates, results reporting etc.


Is this just for UK shares?

Would be nice if you could click a share and view all the previous dividends earn in FreeTrade

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They should have all div info and earnings info. I requested this a while ago as an extra. It is also what Robinhood do.

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Does anyone have a good method of keeping track of upcoming earnings? Doesn’t look like Freetrade are particularly keen on implementing this, but would be great to have a personalised list of past/future dividends/earnings.
(Holfolio offers dividends, but I’m still searching for a reliable method for earnings)

(Nearly 6 months since the last reply, but I have the exact same question today and figured reviving this is better than creating a duplicate thread(?))

DividendMax are good (use the generator max tool - add shares held, then future earnings shows date & expected dividend) but expensive once their trial runs out.
WallMine and SimplyWallSt are also pretttty good. Mostly through I use a manual spreadsheet to track the month its due.

Added company earnings dates to a beta version of the FinKi API this morning for @benk to test

Anyone else fancies testing it drop me a mail for an api key

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