Earnings Call(s) Appear in App

I’ve seen this screenshot today of Robinhood where if you’re in a stock they will have a message saying Earnings Call Live. Would like to see this integrated at some stage. Also when implemented it will become a reliable source for investors thus bringing more people to the app.

I don’t care that much about a live link to the earnings call - but an earnings calendar would be great. I used to use Google Finance to add earnings information onto my calendar, but haven’t found a replacement since Google gutted that product.


I think a small calendar icon in the top right of the portfolio page next to the profile icon would be a great addition, opening to a calendar highlighting earnings and dividend dates, either for companies in general or only those held in that persons portfolio.


It would be really useful to know when earnings are coming up for stocks and when they are announced. I never keep track of this and would like Freetrade to do that for me.


I’ve tried to keep track of this manually, and it is a pain, would defo welcome this and knowing when stocks have gone ex div and pay dates as well.

Like this? :eyes:


Also Vlad I found Tipranks through one of your posts, can’t thank you enough. Top man

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