Calendar with Key Dates

(Vladislav Kozub) #1

I thought of a feature that could be useful to have within the Freetrade App and if it is even theoretically possible to implement, would be nice to have it in long-term plans.

The feature would allow you to see the calendar with key events of the Securities you have invested in / have on your watchlist, for example, this would be a sample of my key events for the summer:


The figures I have shown are from, the dates are either ex-dividends or earnings release (the latter is of higher importance of course).

I was going to @ someone from Freetrade but was not sure who would be the best to advise whether automating such process is possible and viable for the app so @Viktor please forgive me for bothering :sweat_smile:

Would be nice to see opinions and whether anyone in the community would find it useful.

Of course, the core product (the App) is paramount at the moment, this is only a long-term suggestion to have as a stagnation mitigating tool if you ever run out of features to introduce :grin:

Feature Requests (Open Wiki) :bulb:
(Matteo) #2

To me it looks like a great idea!:+1::+1::+1:
May I also add the release of the annual report and a link from where download it. Or a notification about it.

Also have a sort of news feed regarding the stock could be a nice to have down the line, if wasn’t already proposed.

(User # 93) #3

TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim mobile app has this, and you can filter for earnings etc on stocks you have open, nice feature.

(Big Boss) #4

Great suggestion. So important during earnings season or corporate actions like splits or reverse splits etc

(Kenny Grant) #5

An ics feed for each stock would probably be the best solution, as then you could choose which stocks to subscribe to, and the same feed could be used for all customers.

Email notifications on this stuff would also be great (again on a per-stock basis).

Not a priority for launch of course but this would be a nice feature down the line.

(Sergey) #6

I am afraid that by adding features like this the app will slowly turn into a Bloomberg-terminal-like monster.

(Vladislav Kozub) #7

Could be an optional hidden feature triggered on “Opt in” basis for those who is curious enough to even get to the settings.

Similarly to Monzo’s “Labs” I would have assumed.

Also really depends on how user-friendly and intuitively it is designed.


Seeing key metrics extracted and then actionable in a IFTTT (if this, then that) style would be cool.

Yes for other finance companies, but the way Freetrade is shaping up I think they’ll find a solution.


I like getting all the information without leaving the app and could be useful for Freetrade in terms of metrics like engagement etc but long term opt-in features have maintenance costs, good for trialling and early release though.

(Alex Sherwood) #10

Cool idea! I’m guessing there’s APIs that Freetrade can connect to, to pull in this info? If not, perhaps this could be crowdsourced :thinking: you obviously wouldn’t want someone from the team collating this info manually..

(Vladislav Kozub) #11

That would be an ideal solution. Of course, users could be told to go to GitHub to do it themselves (remember the Monzo discussion about the Map? :wink:)but if it was to be done within the app one day - that would be great.

Hell no, that certainly would be the most counter-efficient solution. But I am certain TipRanks do not do this manually either. Probably simply get the info from SEC’s database.

The same could theoretically be done with the Companies House.