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Machine Learning Company

Bump! MWK is great.

+1 would also like this stock

+1 $MWK wooo!

When can we get this stock

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Anyone out there :thinking:

I started an aterian thread this morning, before it ripped. I got in yesterday.

These thread will get combined so it links nicely on the app. 37% is a good day at the office :tada:

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I’m worried this is going to be another Robin Hood :sob:

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Yeah… One of the Reddit “pump ‘n’ dump” groups is all over this one :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

I’ve cashed in only 5% up but I will be watching tomorrow, can’t afford to go another 32% down like Robin Hood lol

I got in yesterday at 6.93. and then bought more later on. Today I bought again.

The ortex data is good. Short interest is high. Utilization is high.

I’m going to hold on longer.

So glad I got in this. This is making me so much money.

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Aterian, Inc. provides consumer product platform. The Company offers home and kitchen appliances, health and wellness, beauty, and consumer electronics. Aterian serves customers worldwide.

This stock is very interesting. Ortex data looks good.

Ditto! This stock is great.

Hopefully this is a good thing :thinking:

This is popping in pre market. Hit 15!!! Come on!!

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Wondered why my portfolio jumped at 2.30. :sweat_smile: