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Cohort 6 ended. A terminal patient with STS is showing a reduction in tumour volume. This is a patient who has tried all standard dosing regimes of chemo and radiotherapy, and selflessly volunteered for a trial knowing its sole purpose was to see if the platform was safe for the benefit of others in years to come- it being something that would extend their life wasnt even considered a viable outcome.

Cohort 7 will be final cohort, amazingly they’ve been unable to find a max tolerable dose, so will be using a biological effective dose instead - this is unheard of with chemotherapy and shows how safe the platform is. A “paradigm shift” in the way cancer will be treated is the words of the CEO.

Even better is that phase 2 is being fast tracked to next year in the US and phase 1b is instead replaced with a short trial to decide if two weeks or three weeks dosing is better.

Best news however is that funding for phase 2 will come from either licensing and/or partnerships. No dilutive funding / placings required.

Absolutely amazing stuff.

Only disappointing thing is the lack of support pharma gets in the UK. They’re having to trial this in the US, which means it’ll be a major US pharma who takes up a licencing deal or buys up the platform and then sells it back to the NHS for billions a year.

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I cannot believe the lack of conversation on Freetrade regarding Avacta.
“A paradigm shift” for cancer treatment.
Wakey wakey


If you ask pretty much any clinical professional if they’ve heard of Avacta - especially in UK, or their doxorubicin alternative, and the answer will likely be ‘no’. I think once cohort 7 is complete (most likely December), they’ll release trial data from p1a showing safety and signs of efficacy for peer review in early 24. Most likely coincide with mainstream media news coverage.

By end of 2025, it’s likely that Ava6000 will displace dox as first line treatment for STS in America, the fda will not allow do to be used once there is a safer and more effective alternative

I think if a major pharma wants the whole platform to improve their existing pipeline of drugs, eg £3bn which is criminally cheap, they’ll need to start making moves before then. Once the platform starts getting licence deals, partnerships, EUA for breast cancer or ovarian cancer, they’ll need to find £30bn+

Al wants to turn us in to the next Roche, if he can fight off hostile bids over next decade he just might do it.