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This pharmaceutical company is doing mass production of antibody testing in the UK and is backed by the t*** Boris Johnson Himself (pardon my french)

Has grown 600% in about a month
And they have more news and productions in the coming months.

Hope this can be added to the roster of assets on freetrade

This really needs adding this week it’s flying :airplane::rocket::rocket:

Can we please get this added. @Freetrade_Team @Viktor

@Viktor is this in a batch coming soon?

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We’ll include it in the next batch. :wink:


Lots of rumours flying around with this. They may have won a contract to produce 2m covid antigen test per week, which would dramatically increase their revenue. TTM revenue of £8.5m, this new contract rumoured to be worth £4m PER DAY. If true, this could fly!

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This will fly tomorrow. I’m glad I’m in for a decent amount.

If it’s in the news the price is too high already.

Is it worth placing the order now or wait until market open…

Breaks £1 but no communication from the government yet.
I am afraid to hold. :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Takes a beating today.

CEO very vocal on Twitter claiming all good things, but stock price not moving. I’m assuming the price of Government contract is the key to unlocking the potential??!!!

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Why are sell orders being rejected?

Why would you sell this stock??

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My guess is every single person will need to provide a negative test to get into events, bars and even work. This is going to make this company millions as they have contracts with the uk government for this.
This will be they way out of this pandemic. Currently at a great price. This will take off in the next week or two :rocket:

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So, I’m curious. Yesterday the price of ODX halved for a very brief moment, and then returned to normal. Is this some dodgy dealing going on, or a systems glitch? Is this something to be concerned about?

How can a share price dip and recover by such a large amount in such a short space of time? Is there any way to work out how many shares were bought during this period?? Did someone manipulate the market to buy a bunch of cheap shares?

Probably a fat finger error I would guess

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This has to be the most confusing company ever. Everything points to them being successful. Best LFT in the game, government equipment ready for manufacturing the UKs tests. Contracts sat waiting for months and months waiting for the DHSC to pick a test.
How has it got to the stage where the UK needs millions of tests each week and yet the company with all the equipment and contracts is just sat waiting for the go ahead? I’m so lost :man_facepalming:

I guess you understand how cronyism works? The Tories are big on it. Perhaps they haven’t donated enough to party funds?


Thats exactly it! The links that Patterson bloke had actually affected ODX on a small scale. Might run deeper than we all thought

Hopefully this new fella can turn around this shit show.