Redx Pharma plc πŸ’Š - REDX

This company develops treatments for cancers and fibrosis.

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Any other FT users holding REDX? Has been an interesting journey over the last 5 years to say the least but hard to tell what the future will bring on this with a relatively low number of shares not held by the majority shareholders and directors.

I heard about the company, but I never took the time to properly look into it.

That earning forecast sounds awful. What do you reckon?

Always a risk as dependent on the progress of the projects in the research pipeline. If it goes well it could lead to payments from Jazz and Astra Zeneca.
It has been a rocky road over the last 5 years (originally in at over Β£1) in and out of administration but seems to be on a better managed footing now.
The intentions of the major shareholder are unknown and a potential risk but I am staying in for now.

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Redx Pharma has announced the appointment of Peter Collum as Chief Financial Officer.

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Looks to be a positive move although not much seems to move the share price much. Interesting he is to be based in the US.
Am still happy to hold

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RedMile hedge fund has a large investment in the company so I wonder if this affects the share price. Redx is one for the long haul I think as it takes time to get results in pharma research.
Many company executives continue to work from home it seems so meetings on zoom have likely become the norm and where people are geographically no longer matters.

Not a large free float of shares outside of the major shareholders and low average daily trade volume.
Did wonder if the US basing was aimed at more tie ups with US pharma or dual listing

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’ We are delighted to have been nominated for not just one, but two awards at this years @EuroMed_Awards
to be hosted on 16th November 2021. We look forward to hearing the announcements later in the year!’
Redx Pharma

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Redx Pharma have received a milestone payment of $4 million from Astra Zeneca as the result of preclinical work on a ’ porcupine inhibitor’.

The company is currently advertising two scientist posts and two project manager posts.


Company logo has changed @Freetrade_Team

Making progress along the β€˜pipeline’


Still a long term holder here with occasional top ups.

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Dropping like a stone :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The company continues to recruit more staff and the CEO said before, expect the company to spend more money this financial year. I wonder if these could be factors in any share price drop or have they not reached an expected milestone?

And still they keep dropping

Fast heading to the bottom

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Redx merger with US company collapses.