Aminex Plc - AEX - Share chat

Listed on LSE.

Gas exploration and development. Small cap company. High risk but potentially high reward.

Don’t forget to vote for request yourself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks. I forgot lol.

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Lol - how do you downvote something? Was a holder in this garbage for several years when it was at 15p.

What a downvote? Removal?

Ignore me - im just joking about downvoting. Just bitter from my own experience in AEX


Oh haha I know how you feel with some stocks :man_facepalming:

I honestly believe this one has potential. I will be scaling out of IOG later this year when it hits £2 plus and will be adding to AEX (hopefully Freetrade will list it)


Independent Oil and Gas. About to start gas production on U.K. owned assets. 2022 revenue projections are huge and this one is flying under the radar currently it seems. Although still nice returns in 2021.

High gas prices here to stay. Reminds me of SQZ. That one was unloved for a long time and now sits at £700M MCAP.