Angus Energy 🛢 - ANGS

This company operates an oil and gas business. The bulk of its operations are in the UK.

Anyone got any opinions on this company

Looking good on this today and the next few weeks.

Follow-on Equity Offerings.
I understand that Angus Energy has announced a “Follow-on Equity Offerings”. Does anyone know what the next step in the procedure is and how I go about exercising this option (I already have shares in this company).

Anyone hold Angus? I’ve got a small moderate position. (Couple of hundred ££) up a tasty 14% today.

Only in for £140 but I’m up 48% at end of friday

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Profit is profit. However big or small. :+1:

Anyone know what is going on lately? Did they manage to get government support?

Currently up 72% doing nicely so far. Oh to have a crystal ball and bought more

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I believe gas throughput better than expected from one particular field and a potential gas sale / contract agreed which has caused share price to increase.

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60million market cap
The CEO did a Q&A and it was extremely positive. Q2 2023 they will most likely be debt free and will pay dividends. As he said himself, it is a “gold mine”.
End of this month they will start getting paid as well with figures revealed to us. End of the year, hopefully the second compressor is installed to improve the stability and flow rates.

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That is great news. I saw the interview yesterday and it was all positive. I hope I can get this months pay day before it rockets.

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