I3 Energy - I3E

This energy company is focused on the development and production of high return hydrocarbon fields.

Pays monthly dividend. Part of AIM 100 so should be part of free universe but currently only for plus.

How much are they paying per share on the next dividend

At the minute they’re paying 0.1425 per share a month. But are developing new fields over the next few months, and announce Q2 results soon so it might increase a bit. The yearly figure is 1.71p per share.

Sorry im new to this but what is 0.1425 is that a percentage per share or is that like 14p per share. Ive only just started doing this so im new to understanding dividends

More like 0.143p, in other words, you would need at least 10 shares to get 1p dividend.

So sorry, didn’t put the p on the end. 0.1425p per share. Don’t worry about being new, we all were once. I’m not claiming to be an expert by any means and to be honest, I got lucky investing with i3 after a long run of duds. I followed advise from people who knew more ob another forum and had enough faith in them to keep buying into this company. The foundations are solid and production is good. Some advixe services are saying buy to 45p per share.

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Big drop today

Yes, still holding mine. Not letting them go for the current price range.

What’s peoples opinion on this company. I like the monthly dividend. But not sure how much I want to risk on them.


Not putting any more in, but not selling either


I lied, at the current price, I had to reinvest some spare dividend cash, and this was the best option. Currently drilling an appraisal well in the North Sea. What’s not to like?

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Just announced an increase in the monthly div. 0.171p a share per month. Thats 2p a share yearly, about 9% return at todays 23p price.


I’ll buy in small quantities. Their profit is small but going up annually and, like you, I’ll be glad of the monthly dividend. Even more attractive now following their increased dividend announcement.

I’d echo the above with regards to how much of your portfolio should be assigned to this. The company has the hallmarks of Diversified energy which in general is a steady earner. So far so good although I’m not entirely sure if there’s much wriggle room around their 2023 strip assumptions in today’s announcement.

These keep dropping

The Alberta gas price is putting our hedging policy to the sword that’s for sure, it may be a volatile SP for the near future due to various factors.

This was an interesting article posted on a Discord group the other day

2 big institutional investing houses selling a percentage of their holdings. RNS announced a reduction in their ownership of the company yesterday. Still aren’t finished.

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Anyone got there dividend today??