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I have been looking at this for a while and now 5 days left.

Crowdcube pitch

I would like the community to share their views on this.


Pro-tip: if you request the financials via emailing you will receive the following (with additional comments):

These docs are rich with pertinent information that you cannot get from the Investor Deck - which while great to look at, doesnโ€™t allow you to get under the hood of the business in ways that final accounts will.


This a good tip, they are quick in sending the documents.
Going through them at the moment.


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Just gone into administration unfortunately- had high expectations for this one until recently

I also thought this was a decent business with a lot of potential, especially when they opened their US location.

It looks like the founder has bought the company back in the pre-pack admin. Canโ€™t help feeling a little disappointed when the founder retains the business and the crowd gets wiped out.

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The owner Luke is currently getting serious heat from investors if you look at the comments to the CrowdCube communication today. Basically not happy at all that heโ€™s not offered AM investors like for like shares in the newco. Interesting to see how he responds to this pressure. Legally doesnโ€™t have to, but morally he should otherwise Iโ€™m sure this will cause massive PR issues for the newcoโ€ฆ.