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Im averaging £31 and its floating around the £50 mark…about 60% up. Not bad in under 12 months.

Not sure where the top is exactly and its a good hold for dividends, but I might use the proceeds to fund a growth stock purchase as I dont see BGEO as a forever hold for me.

Trailing p/e 5.25 (from Hargreaves Lansdowne). So not expensive if you take into account it’s growth
If you look at investment trusts in the emerging/frontier markets they tend to hold a lot of banks
A quick check,
Vietnam enterprise 3 out of the top 5 investments are banks.
BlackRock frontiers 2 (at least) out of top 5 investments are banks.
I will just keep adding to CGEO.

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Georgian Prime Minister apears to be a bit of a conspiracy theorist. Is the Dream party pivoting towards Russia?

Dont own bank of Georgia shares directly but via Georgia Capital.
Sold (Georgia Capital) not waiting for this to blow over. No idea where the share will settle.
US wading in.

Cant find an article about the US state department view but it was not conducive to the share price rallying.

A post I wrote under another BGEO thread.

Two likely outcomes of this financial instability in my opinion:

[Outcome 1] The Foreign Agents Law is approved in parliament by overruling the President as she had indicated her intention to veto it once it hits her desk. The government has enough of a majority to do this. If so, expect continued protests and another ‘colour’ revolution attempts to take place. Political instability will remain until outside NGOs are neutered. Long timeframe for stability.

[Outcome 2] The government collapses in the face of pressure from protestors, oligarchs and media and western support. Another western backed leader is installed and increased agitation in Abkhazia and South Ossetia as new government will be emboldened to try and retake those regions. This may lead to regional conflict ala Ukraine, with Russia on one side and EU/NATO on the other. Outcome, Georgia destroyed as well as your investments.

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I don’t think so somehow :rofl:


Sakartvelo gaumarjos!

(trad. Victory to Georgia!)


Farfetched to put mildly. Only just in the realms of possibility.
I would worry more about the next elections. Will Dream loose and will they except loosing.
I sold Wednesday.
Big jump today as they said they were going increase buy backs. Up 14% start of trading now 4%.

Parliamentary elections in Georgia 26 October 2024

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I hope not i own 2k in stocks